This photographic collage contains images from a November 2005 clean-up day at Fort Stevens Recreation Center sponsored by the BCA.  On hand that day were over 30 community residents and members of the Association, who pitched in like champs to pick up virtually all the beer bottles and cans strewn throughout the woods behind the center, rake leaves off the basketball and tennis courts, clear fallen trees and other brush, and generally "show their love" for one of the many beautiful green spaces Brightwood has to offer.

On hand were BCA officers Kamili Anderson, Randall and Vanessa Clarke, Brian Lang, Jo Ponds, and Lesyllee White.  Also attending and pitching in were Ward Four Councilmember Adrian Fenty and several members of his staff, along with dozens of Brightwood residents, young and old, men and women alike.  The clean-up was conducted in orderly fashion, with lots of neighbors and supporters coming by and staying for hours to pitch in to help keep Brightwood bright! (continued on page 2)

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